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Work With Lori June 16, 2010


Know Your Worth – Transform Your Life


Real Beauty Coaching is a revolutionary merging of mind, body and spirit that allows you to journey deep into your truth and root into your self worth.


We work together to examine your core beliefs so you can release what is blocking you from getting the MOST out of your life. You will learn practical strategies and tools to help you evolve beyond old patterns at their core, and powerfully create the life you want.


Working with me is about connecting the flame in your heart with your full potential.

We will create space for you to release fear and limiting beliefs about yourself so that you may truly awaken into our most authentic and happy self.


Real Beauty Coaching is a powerful integration of deep self-examination and healing so you can connect to your greatest power.


Our sessions are think-tank conversations for your mind and soul.

Real Beauty Is a sacred space for you to know your worth and live the life of your dreams.


If you are ready to KNOW YOUR WORTH email me today at: Lori (at) realbeautyis (dot) com


Lori Fields in New York City’s premier Real Beauty Coach.

She is a NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Internet entrepreneur, leader, visionary, health & fitness enthusiast and Founder of the Real Beauty Is movement.

She has dedicated her life to teaching women how to feel good about themselves by tapping into their power, live their life on purpose and defining beauty on their own terms.

Lori’s innovative method for empowering women derives from her background in clinical social work, health and fitness, and entrepreneurship. Through her compassion, focus, clarity, and determination Lori creates a supportive space for women to awaken into their most beautiful & confident self.

Lori is known for her NO BULLsh** approach. Her mentoring style is a unique combination of being fiercely passionate, ballsy and irreverent. She tells it like it is: all while being deeply compassionate and authentic.

Combining entrepreneurial, marketing and networking skills with a background in clinical social work, Lori has driven philanthropic initiatives for both non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Lori is an expert and Inspirational Speaker in the area of women’s empowerment and inner beauty.

A Boston native, Lori received her Master’s Degree from the NYU School of Social Work in 2000. She happily resides in NYC with her husband and daughter.



If you are ready to KNOW YOUR WORTH email me today: Lori (at) realbeautyis (dot) com

REAL RAVES for Lori & Real Beauty Coaching


“Lori, The two sessions that I had with you have been the best sessions ever! You can really tune in and really listen. They have helped me alot and given me much clarity.” – Bonnie B

Lori empowers women to embrace and accept beauty on their own terms while encouraging them to live their best lives ever. Her dynamic, authentic and compassionate approach has enabled her to spearhead a movement that will continue to positively impact and transform hearts, souls and lives of women everywhere!
– Karla Lightfoot, Market Director, Ladies Who Launch NYC-NJ


“Lori Fields: Connect with her and be inspired.”Rebecca C


“I loved working with Lori. She helped me to align with my best self, by reminding me to accept and love my emotional side, and to make time for the things that I enjoy most. It’s so easy to fall back into old habits of being hard on myself, being a perfectionist, and people pleasing – Lori gave me the tools to observe and break those habits. And, we had fun along the way – thanks to her great sense of humor and ability to help me not take myself so seriously. I would highly recommend working with Lori – she has a gift for healing and empowering.” – Julie K


“I love working with Lori Fields. She is an amazing, compassionate, and genuine person and skilled coach. I would recommend her Real Beauty Coaching Program to anyone who wants to learn how to really improve their life. Lori has helped light a fire inside of me and implement REAL change. I am forever grateful to have had such an amazing opportunity to work with her. Real Beauty Is Lori Fields.” – Mary C


I started receiving coaching from Lori just over a month ago, she is absolutely awesome in bringing issues of life to light, drawing out your passion, your why, and having you work through to a place where you see the miracles happen. I have experienced one miracle after another, and I know more is coming. Thank you Lori for being you and thank you for helping me learn to go from mundane to extraordinary, after all we only have this life to live, so I am living it as a RealBeautyis. Love and light from me to you. – Georgianna


Real Beauty Is taking the time to get to know and understand yourself with loving kindness and self compassion, finding your passion in that process and finding the courage to share that raw truth with others. Lori is a Real Beauty who has helped me find and share my unique sense of self. We are all, at once, so very different and so much alike…that’s the real beauty that we all share.” – Nancy G


“I just had a transformational power meeting with Real Beauty Is guru, Lori Fields. She knows healing, she knows business, and she knows life. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, time, and love. Her words are “soul food.” – Meredith L


“Women of strength are in fact strong NOT because their life is perfect and easy or because they feel fabulous about themselves all the time. They are women of “strength” because when life breaks them down…they sit inside that space and break open into an even more beautiful and courageous woman!” – Lori Fields


4 Responses to “Work With Lori”

  1. lisa Says:

    Love this page…;)

  2. Laurie D. Wernig Says:

    I have five beautiful granddaughters and three awsomw grandsons and I would like them all to know what real beauty is. How can I pass on your wisdom.

  3. How did you get to be so wonderful?
    How does it get any better than this?

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