bold, courageous, perfectly imperfect

Meet Lori June 3, 2010

I am an emotional creature and I love being a girl. I can feel what you’re feeling. I can connect with you in a way that requires no words, no movement, no touch. I see you. I see all of you. I can feel your beauty, your pain, your longing, your passion, your heartache and your truth. I can feel what you’re feeling. I can feel on a level that is powerful and colorful and almost supernatural.

I am an emotional creature and some days I can take on the world and other days I am too sad to move. At once I am filled with love and filled with rage, filled with optimism and filled with fury. I am not always right, I will never be perfect, but I am alive.

I am an emotional creature and I will stop apologizing for being sensitive and unpredictable and strong-willed and stubborn. I am an emotional creature and I am going to start loving every moment of it. I will never quit being who I am.

I am an emotional creature. I am your fearless leader.
I am flawed and still so beautiful. I am strong yet still so vulnerable.

I am a woman of power, and a woman of beauty. I am YOU!

See you on the other side of beauty.
xo Lori




Real Woman,

I dedicate this work to you; that you may know and believe in your true self. I dedicated this space for you to KNOW YOUR WORTH and claim your power.

Real Beauty Is….a place for you to stand in your moment and be who you are without apology, explanation or fear.

Real Beauty Is…a place for you to embrace your imperfections and use them as a force to lift yourself higher.

Real Beauty Is…messy, irreverent, bold, stubborn, courageous, complicated and deep. (just like you)

Open your heart to all that surfaces. Imprint it in your mind as you wake up to your beauty and your power. Release your energy to the Universe as you give everything you have to give.

Thank you for your faith in me that such a glorious and meaningful mission has been placed in my hands.

See you on the other side of beauty.

xo Lori




She is a NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Internet entrepreneur, leader, visionary, health & fitness enthusiast and Founder of the Real Beauty Is Movement.

She has dedicated her life to teaching women how to feel good about themselves by tapping into their power, live their life on purpose and defining beauty on their own terms.

Lori’s innovative method for empowering women derives from her background in clinical social work, health and fitness, and entrepreneurship. Through her compassion, focus, clarity, and determination Lori creates a supportive space for women to awaken into their most beautiful & confident self.

Lori is known for her NO BULLsh** approach. Her mentoring style is a unique combination of being fiercely passionate, ballsy and irreverent. She tells it like it is: all while being deeply compassionate and authentic.

Combining entrepreneurial, marketing and networking skills with a background in clinical social work, Lori has driven philanthropic initiatives for both non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Lori is an Expert and Inspirational Speaker in the area of women’s empowerment and inner beauty.

A Boston native, Lori received her Master’s Degree from the NYU School of Social Work in 2000. She happily resides in NYC with her husband and daughter.




4 Responses to “Meet Lori”

  1. Love what you share and how you share it. 🙂 Thank you for these great empowering messages.

  2. Mika Says:

    Wow, today’s my lucky day! Pleased to meet you here. I’m game for this movement too and ready to share what vie experienced with the women in my community. Thx to you, I now have the extra oomph! I needed to launch, thx so much!

  3. Lori!

    I LOVE the site! You are an inspiration, leader and motivator for so many women and girls out there!! Keep up the amazing work ~ we are making a lasting positive difference in thousands of lives!! You are a miracle worker. xoxo

  4. This is so wonderful! I am glad I found you! I love how we can support each other! Your message is so valuable!

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