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Weekly Assignment: January 23 2012 January 29, 2012

Filed under: Know Your Beauty — realbeautyis @ 1:16 pm

Here’s your REAL BEAUTY assignment for the week.

Each morning close your eyes & say to yourself, “I am a genius”.

Sit in that belief for a moment. Notice how it makes you feel. I don’t care if you REALLY believe this or not right now. Each one of us was born with a natural genius ability.

Think on this:
What lights you up?
What activities do you enjoy doing most?
What makes you feel most alive, most turned on?
What do you think you’re really good at? What would your friends say you are good at?
Are there moments for you when time stands still? If so, what are you doing during those moments.

Don’t pressure yourself to figure out exactly what it is right now. Allow yourself to sit in the questions and see what surfaces. Give yourself persmission to say, “Yes. I am a genuis” and then see what thoughts follow.

Commit to doing this each morning for a week & let me know what happens!


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