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Why You Should Try To Make A Mistake November 18, 2011

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I came across this powerful quote today and as I started to share it in an email to my brother, I realized that I should share it with you too.


“The man who makes NO mistakes usually doesn’t make anything!” – unknown


Don’t be that (wo)man, Lori.
You are FAR greater than you know.
I know it. I really do.


Don’t get caught up in being afraid to make a mistake. Mistakes are the juicy part of life. They are the catalyst for insight, growth, change & possibility. Why on earth would you want to deprive yourself of that?


So even if it’s just for today, go ahead and give yourself permission to try, to begin, to be bold, to learn, to push yourself to the edge, to make a mistake and come back around even stronger.


Don’t you think it would be a far greater tragedy to play it safe by remaining a prisoner inside your own fear than to risk making a mistake in the name of living your biggest life? I hope you answered YES.

ps. There’s a lot more activity & inspiration happening inside the Real Beauty Is facebook community. Click here to connect with me and thousands of other likeminded ladies!


Have a wonderful weekend and DARE to be yourself!

with REAL beauty,
xo Lori


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