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The most powerful way to know what you really want October 4, 2011

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What’s the most powerful way to know what you really want?
Flip a Coin.

“The moment you flip a coin, you know what your decision is. Not because of the side it landed, but because in the few seconds the coin was in the air, you knew what you wanted…♥” (courtesy of Kerri Quinn)

It’s SO true. Right!


You know what you really want. And if you’re unsure, toss that coin in the air and find out because life’s too short to waste moments living inside a life you don’t really love.


I know it’s scary to have unwavering clarity of what you really want because once you’re sure, you then have to ask yourself the even tougher question, “Why aren’t I doing something about it?”


There was tremendous safety for me when I worked for someone else; the steady paycheck, health benefits & a regular schedule. I used to live inside a life that was steady and safe and totally predictable. But you know what? It didn’t challenge me at all. It never pushed me to my edge. I wasn’t curious and hungry. I was never fiercely determined or radically alive.


It wasn’t until I took action on behalf of what I knew I really wanted that I became fully alive.


And in my daily life of being an entrepreneur, healer, leader, mama & wife, I am constantly questioning and afraid and overwhelmed and emotional and curious and inspired and passionate and totally alive. And that feels so damn good.


So yeah, it’s messy and complicated and scary and tough to take action on behalf of what you know you want. But I wouldn’t trade one messy, emotional, complicated day for a moment of steady, safe and secure.


And it always comes down to what we think we deserve.
Don’t you deserve what you REALLY want?


Heads or Tails?
What is it you REALLY want?


feel free to share it with me here)


with REAL beauty,
xo Lori


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