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14 Simple + Powerful Ways to Give January 29, 2012

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Choose to give: because you want to amplify — your soul, your life, your love.

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.” ― Bill Wilson

Here’s 14 simple + powerful ways to get your giving wheels spinning…

Donate your old cell phone to Cell Phones For Soldiers

Use GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo) to search the Internet. Every time you search the Web they give money to your favorite charity.

Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or thrift shop.

Donate to Miracle For Maddie & help raise funds for the benefit of families coping with the financial hardships of childhood cancer treatment.

Donate your used baby clothes to Baby Buggy. They help families in need.

Become a member of StepUp and help empower high school girls in underserved communities to reach their full potential.

Get Involved with the Sahasra Deepika Foundation for Education & help provide impoverished children opportunity and hope through education.

Build houses for people in need with Habitat For Humanity.

Donate your hair to Locks of Love.

Become a micro-lender with KIVA and help alleviate poverty and empower an entrepreneur.

Volunteer to read to the elderly.

Support Stay Vocal’s efforts to reuse apparel in an attempt to help save the planet.

Buy a pair of TOMS sunglasses and give the gift of sight.

Support your local animal shelter or simply text ASPCA to 25383 to donate $5 to ASPCA rescue efforts.

Send a VDAY e-card (the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day) and help end violence against women and girls or text Text VDAY to 50555 to give $10 to VDAY.


Weekly Assignment: January 23 2012

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Here’s your REAL BEAUTY assignment for the week.

Each morning close your eyes & say to yourself, “I am a genius”.

Sit in that belief for a moment. Notice how it makes you feel. I don’t care if you REALLY believe this or not right now. Each one of us was born with a natural genius ability.

Think on this:
What lights you up?
What activities do you enjoy doing most?
What makes you feel most alive, most turned on?
What do you think you’re really good at? What would your friends say you are good at?
Are there moments for you when time stands still? If so, what are you doing during those moments.

Don’t pressure yourself to figure out exactly what it is right now. Allow yourself to sit in the questions and see what surfaces. Give yourself persmission to say, “Yes. I am a genuis” and then see what thoughts follow.

Commit to doing this each morning for a week & let me know what happens!


Life isn’t forever: it’s 4 NOW. What a December 31, 2011

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Life isn’t forever: it’s 4 NOW. What are u going to do NOW to enjoy your life, to live fully alive, to LOVE who u are & where you’re going?


A simple smile can be powerfully therape December 7, 2011

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A simple smile can be powerfully therapeutic & uplifting, for both you & the person being smiled at. Try it & see!


It’s NEVER too late to do better, to ma December 6, 2011

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It’s NEVER too late to do better, to make amends, to self improve, to make up for lost time. If you’re alive today….it’s not too late.


Today I will NOT second guess what I kno December 3, 2011

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Today I will NOT second guess what I know for sure.


Why You Should Try To Make A Mistake November 18, 2011

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I came across this powerful quote today and as I started to share it in an email to my brother, I realized that I should share it with you too.


“The man who makes NO mistakes usually doesn’t make anything!” – unknown


Don’t be that (wo)man, Lori.
You are FAR greater than you know.
I know it. I really do.


Don’t get caught up in being afraid to make a mistake. Mistakes are the juicy part of life. They are the catalyst for insight, growth, change & possibility. Why on earth would you want to deprive yourself of that?


So even if it’s just for today, go ahead and give yourself permission to try, to begin, to be bold, to learn, to push yourself to the edge, to make a mistake and come back around even stronger.


Don’t you think it would be a far greater tragedy to play it safe by remaining a prisoner inside your own fear than to risk making a mistake in the name of living your biggest life? I hope you answered YES.

ps. There’s a lot more activity & inspiration happening inside the Real Beauty Is facebook community. Click here to connect with me and thousands of other likeminded ladies!


Have a wonderful weekend and DARE to be yourself!

with REAL beauty,
xo Lori